Recent trends show that health insurance is one of the most requested benefits by employees. And not only the existence of such benefits but also what exactly it’s offering and how well it meets their specific needs.  

Well-chosen health insurance for your employees is a powerful instrument in attracting the right talent for your company, retaining your best employees and overall increasing productivity.

The commitment to choosing the right health insurance plan can be overwhelming, especially when adding how the health care landscape has changed in recent years.

Here are a few advices in finding the health insurance plan that your employees will love and help you invest your resources better.

Get to know your organization better

In order to achieve your financial and HR goals, it’s important to first start by studying your organization, your industry and your employees. There you will find the insights you need to set the standards for the right health insurance policy. What is considered a good insurance plan may vary by industry, the size of the company and the region.

First of all, study your organization’s financial reports and objectives and set up a budget that is aligned with these indicators and that your organization can afford. It’s a good starting point in filtering your options.

A good idea is to find out what your competitors are offering. Then, study your current plan of benefits and see how you stand. Your health insurance package should be at least aligned with the one offered by your competitors, to ensure that you have the necessary advantages to attract and attain a talented workforce for your organization.

Go directly to the source and find out what are your employees’ wishes for the health insurance. Maybe they have specific needs varying upon their age and social status, wish for more options, flexibility or easier access. Find out what features mean most for them, to know the mandatory options health insurance policy should include. 

Communicate and share these kinds of insights to your health insurance broker, for a better understanding of your needs.

Choose the right care options

With the information gathered from the first step, make a list of mandatory care options that the health insurance plan should include. Beside the main ones, ambulatory, hospitalization and surgery, maybe your employees have specific needs, that are important to be covered.

If your budget allows, you can include a pregnancy monitorization package, dental care or medical recovery to the health insurance package. Your broker can help you find out what other features you can opt for.

Choose a plan that has tech-enabled care options

Nowadays, many health insurers provide online access to their features, such as health data, digital monitoring, appointment booking and more. These kinds of options help your employees save time and offer them better management of their health problems.

Moreover, living in the digital age, some insurers have thought of a version that can grant access to personal service outside their network of partner clinics. Thus, you can use a bank card pre-loaded directly by the insurer to pay on the spot for a medical service, based on a pre-authorization.

Your broker can help you find out which insurers are offering these features.

To summarize:

  1. Start by studying your organization, industry and employees and gather insights;
  2. Allocate a budget according to your company’s financial objectives;
  3. Choose the right care options, that align with your employees’ needs;
  4. Consider the digital component of the health insurance for an overall better experience.

Good health insurance can make your employees feel more protected and taken care of by your organization. At Otto Broker, we understand how valuable your employees are and how pressure there is in choosing the right package of benefits. Contact us now and let us help you.

How to choose the right health insurance for your employees